Nokia launches Nokia Asha 501 & Nokia Asha 210

Nokia announce two entry level smartphone Nokia Asha 501 & Nokia Asha 210.

Nokia introduces two entry level nokia ashs 501 & nokia asha 210. The news broke the news, Nokia Asha series will be added in the two generals, Nokia Asha 501 and Nokia Asha 210, the codename of the RM-902 and RM-924. They will be the first to be launched in the Indian market.

Nokia launches Nokia Asha 501 & Nokia Asha 210

Nokia launches Nokia Asha 501 & Nokia Asha 210

Evleaks leaked some information about unannounced Asha handset in February. If Nokia 501 is the same handset that is leaked, then the it will be offered in various colors and will come equipped with 5 megapixel rear camera.Nokia Asha 501 is going to be a budget friendly phone, it may come with a price tag of $150. This could be the competitor for Samsung Galaxy smartphones which are also available for affordable prices.

Nokia 210 is another handset that is expected to be released soon. Though much information is not available about the handset, it may sport a touchscreen display and will have a QWERTY keypad.Nokia’s Asha series of handsets do not boast of best of the specifications but suit the budget of common man. Among Asha 501 and 210, 510 are believed to come with better specifications and Asha 210 is a feature phone. Budget friendly smartphones from good brands have a huge market in upcoming markets such as India. Presently Samsung is offering many low end budget friendly handsets.

There’s very little info available on the pricing and availability of these two smartphones, but we should see them hit the market fairly soon. The price should be somewhere between the Rs. 5,000-6,000 barrier as it’s a low-end handset. The picture suggests that the phone is no muck when it comes to looks either.




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