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Top 20 Best Web Series

A web series refers to a serialized video content that is exclusively created for and distributed on the internet. It is a form of entertainment that has gained significant popularity in recent years, offering a unique platform for creative individuals to showcase their storytelling skills and reach a widespread audience.

Top 20 Best Web Series:-

1. Breaking Bad

2. Game of Thrones

3. Stranger Things

4. The Crown

5. Friends

6. The Sopranos

7. The Wire

8. Black Mirror

9. Narcos

10. The Office (US)

11. Sherlock

12. Westworld

13. The Handmaid’s Tale

14. True Detective

15. Peaky Blinders

16. Better Call Saul

17. Fargo

18. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

19. The Mandalorian

20. Dexter

21. House Of Cards

Top 20 Best Web Series

Top 6 Best Web Series:-

1. “Money Heist”

2. “Lupin”

3. “White Collar”

4. “Sherlock Holmes”

5. “Hustle”

6. “Ozark”

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