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The Adventures Of LLeo Season 1

The Adventures Of LLeo Season 1:-

Releasing Date:-                02 Nov, 2023                      

Genre:-                                 Comedy

Cinema:-                              Web Series (Hindi)  

Streaming on:-                  Amazon miniTV

Critic’s Rating:-                 The Adventures Of LLeo 3.0/5

Avg. Users’ Rating:-         The Adventures Of LLeo  3.0/5

Cast & Crew:-

Director:-               Akshat Vijaywargiya

Actor:-                     Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Deepak Kumar Mishra, Shivankit Singh

                                   Parihar, Siddharth Bodke

The Adventures Of LLeo Season 1 Story:-

This spin-off of the popular streaming show ‘Permanent Roommates’ follows the misadventures of one of its most popular characters, Lleo (Anandeshwar Dwivedi) – an obnoxious, offensive, and unintentional millionaire who loses it all in an instant, forcing him to live on the streets and cause mayhem in people’s lives.

The Adventures Of LLeo Season 1 Review:-

‘Adventures of Lleo’ is a short, edgy, and irreverent comedy collection that follows the individual Lleo, who loses his wealth and luxuries easily. Initially added withinside the Indian net streaming display ‘Permanent Roommates’ through The Viral Fever (TVF), Lleo stands proud for his brazen behavior. The display, which spans 5 mini episodes, is edgy, irreverent, and unevenly entertaining. The writing is over-the-pinnacle and from time to time convenient, making it greater stunning than hilarious. Lleo’s excesses with rank strangers create a bittersweet feel of pride whilst he reveals his healthy withinside the lock-up.

Anandeshwar Dwivedi stars as Lleo, who continuously shoots thru his mouth. The dialogues variety from humorous to flat, with a few being downright offensive. Some jokes and punches land as expected, making visitors experience sorry for Lleo and people who are available in touch with him. If you have not watched or are a fan of ‘Permanent Roommates’, connecting with Lleo is probably harder.

For the ones withinside the temper for edgy humor and some accurate laughs, ‘Adventures of Lleo’ is the display for you. Although now no longer a regular snort riot, it actually grants its truthful proportion of irreverent comedy.

Credit Video and Information : YouTube, Google, IMDb

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