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Rat In The Kitchen

Rat In The Kitchen:-

Releasing Date:-                02 Oct, 2023                      English             Short Film

Genre:-                                 Drama , Thriller

Critic’s Rating:-                 Rat In The Kitchen 3.0/5

Avg. Users’ Rating:-         Rat In The Kitchen  3.0/5


‘Rat in the Kitchen’ is a annoying portrayal of actual activities that depart an enduring effect on its audience. Its cappotential to blur the road among fact and horror makes it a must-look ahead to fanatics of mental thrillers.

Cast & Crew:-

Director:-     Arkish Aftab

Actor:-           Aishwarya Desai, Amit Jha, Mantra


Story:- This unsettling tale takes visitors on a adventure via the demanding studies of Vikram (Mantra), a person withinside the midst of a sour divorce, who’s pressured to confront an eerie presence in his home. 


‘Rat in the Kitchen’ is a gripping 21-minute mystery written and directed via way of means of Arkish Aftab, stimulated via way of means of proper occasions that occurred to Joe Cummings in New York. This unsettling tale follows Vikram, a person going thru a sour divorce, who’s compelled to confront an eerie presence in his home.

The movie correctly explores issues of loneliness, a loss of belonging, and emotional bereavement, portraying Vikram as a individual suffering to address the drastic modifications in his life. His solace in alcohol and recollections of his departed love handiest provides to the surroundings of melancholy. However, the narrative takes a sinister flip whilst Vikram discovers that he isn’t always on my own in his house.

The mysterious disappearance of meals will become a image of this unknown presence, developing an extreme surroundings of suspense and tension. The smart use of low-key lights and shadows complements the spooky surroundings and continues visitors on edge.

‘Rat in the Kitchen’ tells an true and undeniably demanding tale. The revelation of the proper wrongdoer in the back of the chaos is a masterstroke, leaving the target target market with a deep expertise of the mental toll those occasions took on Vikram. This brief movie is going past the standard horror genre, becoming a mental mystery that penetrates deep into the human psyche, unearthing buried anxieties and vulnerabilities that all of us have.

Mantra Mugdh gives you a powerful overall performance as Vikram, successfully conveying his depression and resolution to discover the reality approximately his home. Aishwarya Desai additionally merits reward for her portrayal of Vikram’s wife, Riya.

Overall, ‘Rat in the Kitchen’ is a demanding portrayal of actual occasions that depart a long-lasting effect on its target target market. Its capacity to blur the road among fact and horror makes it a must-look ahead to fanatics of mental thrillers. Arkish Aftab’s direction, coupled with robust performances from the cast, makes this brief movie a chilling and thought-frightening cinematic enjoy with a view to linger to your thoughts lengthy after the credit roll.

Credit Video and Information : YouTube, Google, IMDb

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