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Releasing Date:-                03 Nov, 2023                      

Genre:-                                Drama

Cinema:-                              Movie (Malayalam)  

Critic’s Rating:-                 Keedaa Cola 3.5/5

Avg. Users’ Rating:-         Keedaa Cola  3.5/5

IMDb Rating:-                     Keedaa Cola 7.4/10

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Cast & Crew:-

Director:-              Arun Varma

Actor:-                    Divya Pillai, Suresh Gopi, Siddique

                                  Biju Menon, Jagadish

Garudan Movie Story:-

Harish, a seasoned police officer on the verge of retirement, gets drawn back into a murder case he thought he’d solved in this compelling story. What was the impetus? Nishanth, the accused, is motivated to establish his innocence after earning a law degree behind jail. Harish reopens the case he’d closed to protect his hard-earned reputation and pension, sparking a war of wits. Nishanth appears to have the upper hand until he accidentally discloses his own dark secrets, falling into a trap brilliantly laid by Harish. The tables are turned significantly, with Nishanth being held accountable not just for the heinous attacks, but also for a slew of additional offenses.

Garudan Movie Review:-

Garudan is a thrilling film directed by Arun Varma, featuring a captivating plot and a memorable hunt between a cop named Harish and a professor named Nishanth. The film revolves around Harish’s investigation of a rape case and his subsequent release from jail. The story is set in a unique Malayalam setting, with the cinematographer Ajay David Kachappilly effectively conveying the hunter-prey theme.

However, there are some flaws, such as the film’s lag in the middle and the inclusion of characters that were irrelevant to the plot or lacked the intensity needed at key points. The film also lacks a clear progression, with Harish’s frenzy becoming monotonous after a period. Additionally, the presence of Iype (played by Siddique) in scenes could have been more effective.

Despite some expected elements, Garudan remains an enjoyable watch, with a satisfying ending. The script by Midhun Manuel Thomas falters at some points, but the film recovers towards the end. The story by Jinesh is appealing, with some expected elements. While it is a thriller about a rapist, it doesn’t make audiences cringe, and its subtlety makes it palatable for those who prefer not to see gore on screen. Overall, Garudan is a satisfying film that delivers on its promises of drama, mass appeal, and vindictiveness.

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