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The Jester

The Jester:-

Releasing Date:-                10 Nov, 2023 (U.K.)

Genre:-                                Horror, Thriller, Mystery

Cinema:-                              Movie (English)

Avg. Users’ Rating:-         The Jester  2.5/5

IMDb Rating:-                     The Jester 4.5/10

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Cast & Crew:-

Director:-              Colin Krawchuk

Actor:-                    Michael Sheffield, Lelia Symington, Delaney White

The Jester Movie Story:-

On Halloween night, a malicious monster known as The Jester terrorizes the residents of a small village, including two estranged sisters who must band together to discover a method to battle this wicked thing.

The Jester Movie Review:-

The new slasher film “The Jester” features a flamboyant bogeyman, Michael Sheffield, who is always front and center. The film’s non-homicidal portions lack the same sprezzatura, with a poorly written, lead-footed plot delivered in stodgy lumps between killings. The plot revolves around musician Emma (Lelia Symington), who must overcome her guilt for refusing to talk to her estranged father, and her half-sibling Jocelyn, who must grapple with being alone in the world.

The jester toys with the family’s hereditary flaw, but this clutter dissipates tension due to the demon’s constant visibility. The killings are superbly thought out, imaginatively grotesque, and ushered along with playful brio by Sheffield. The film could have been watched from hell for hours, but the moratorium on satanic clowns should start now. The film’s plot is stodgy and poorly written, with the jester playing a significant role in the story.

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