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The Freelancer Season 1

The Freelancer Season 1:-

Releasing Date:-             01 Sep 2023,              Hindi,          Web Series

Streaming on:-                Disney+ Hotstar

Critic’s Rating:-              The Freelancer Season 1 3.5/5

Avg. Users’ Rating:-      The Freelancer Season 1  3.7/5


  • Engaging plot
  • Effective storytelling
  • The entire web series will have a thriller feel
  • Action

Cast & Crew:-

  • Director:-       Bhav Dhulia
  • Actor:-            Mohit Raina , Anupam Kher, Kashira Pardeshi, Sushant Singh, Ayesha Raza Mishra,

         Manjri Fadnnis, Sara Jane Dias, John Kokken


Story:- Based on Shirish Thorat’s book ‘A Ticket to Syria,’ the display follows Avinash Kamath (Mohit Raina), a former police officer-turned-freelancer who embarks on a rescue undertaking to get better Aliya Khan (Kashmira Pardeshi), a younger lady who has been taken captive in war-torn Syria. Will he be capable of go back her to India?

The Freelancer Season 1: Review:-

Neeraj Pandey of ‘Baby‘ and ‘Special Ops‘ reputation has created some other action-thriller ‘The Freelancer’ and much like the ones this collection showcases his signature fashion of storytelling and characterization. The tale revolves across the extraction of a younger lady who reaches Syria, presuming it to be her honeymoon, after tying the knot with a suspicious man.

This version of the exceptional-promoting novel, ‘A Ticket To Syria,’ consists of minor tweaks, along with converting the placing from the Maldives to India, even as final genuine to the unique tale. The plot revolves round a rescue assignment undertaken through an ex-cop grew to become mercenary, Avinash Kamath (Mohit Raina), who embarks on a adventure to carry lower back Aliya (Kashmira Pardeshi), the daughter of his exceptional pal and suspended cop, Inayat Khan (Sushant Singh) after she has been unknowingly trapped in war-torn Syria. How does Avinash tune the complete nexus? Does he manipulate to carry Aliya lower back? This bureaucracy the crux of the tale.

Creator Neeraj Pandey and director Bhav Dhulia in conjunction with their writing team (Ritesh Shah and Benazir Ali Fida) set up the plot fast and maintain the target target market invested from the start. The anxiety the various characters and the experience of urgency are efficaciously conveyed, preserving visitors on the brink in their seats. The tale unfolds in a continuing manner, with little room for the visitors to pause and think. This pacing enables hold the suspense and maintains the target target market engrossed. The narrative efficaciously weaves in worldwide political themes, including intensity to the narrative.

The characterization and the intertwining of beyond and gift also are completed well, as each episode places withinside the vanguard a brand new aspect of the man or woman and subplots. For instance, Avinash’s existence as Mumbai police officer with Inayat Khan, his satisfied moments with little Aliya, and his married existence with Mrunal.

While ‘The Freelancer Season 1’ is enticing and suspenseful, its downside lies withinside the break up into parts, which disrupts content material intake and disconnects visitors from the plot. However, through the give up of the fourth episode, which results up on an interesting cliffhanger, visitors might be eagerly waiting for the discharge of the following episodes.

Mohit Raina excels in his position as Avinash Kamath, showcasing each intelligence and courage. He grabs all of the eyeballs together along with his pumped-up body, display screen presence and severe looks. Anupam Kher’s portrayal of Dr. Arif Khan provides intensity to the tale as a guiding discern to him. Sushant Singh leaves an effect regardless of his confined position. Kashmira Pardeshi steals the display together along with her impactful performance, setting ahead the various feelings of an harmless lady held captive. Other solid members, inclusive of Ayesha Raza Mishra, Navneet Malik, Manjari Fadnnis, and Geeta Sharma, make contributions efficaciously.

Without a doubt, ‘The Freelancer’ provides some other achievement to Neeraj Pandey’s portfolio. It’s a must-look ahead to its enticing plot, anxiety-stuffed atmosphere, and powerful storytelling, which captivate visitors throughout.

Credit Video and Information : YouTube, Google, IMDb

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