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White Punjab

White Punjab:-

Releasing Date:-                13 Oct, 2023                      

Genre:-                                 Drama

Cinema:-                              Movie (Punjabi)  

Critic’s Rating:-                 White Punjab  3.5/5

Avg. Users’ Rating:-         White Punjab  3.5/5

Cast & Crew:-

Director:-        Gabbar Sangrur

Actor:-              Kartar Cheema, Rabbi Kandola

White Punjab Movie Story:-

The Kesar and Durlabh gangs, which operate in and around Chandigarh and its suburbs, are involved in a bitter rivalry and vengeance scenario that results in the murder of numerous key persons, including a music producer, youth leader, and singer. Their competition extends to Panjab University student elections, resulting in the death of the student leader’s niece, further escalating tensions between the two groups. In the end, criminals on both sides are killed, save for one, named Head, who lives to old age to tell the story to future generations.

White Punjab Movie Review:-

White Punjab is one of those stories that must be shared. The plot is captivating, raw, compelling, and courageously honest, and it maintains a firm grip on the narrative and goal of the film. The film employs two gangs commanded by Kesar (Kartar Cheema) and Durlabh (Daksh Ajit Singh) to illustrate a deep-innate rot and relationship between politicians, cops, drug peddlers, and gangsters in Punjab.

As the two gangs settle their scores, the film draws on real-life incidents in Punjab, such as criminals posting threats to each other on social media, targeting public figures such as musicians and youth activists, and jail breakouts.

Kaka makes his acting debut in the film as the Head of the Kesar Gang and the right-hand man to Kesar Bai (Kartar Cheema). Kaka’s acting debut was an uncommon decision for a Punjabi musician who generally settles for romcoms, and he handled his character with unusual conviction given his chosen genre of romance as a singer. Kartar immerses himself in Kesar to portray a mobster who is as principled and loyal to his peers as he is ruthless to his adversary.

White Punjab film depicts how politicians and cops use gangsters to achieve their agendas of winning electoral seats, as seen in the Panjab University student council election. With both gangs vying to support the student leader elect, Robin (Supneet Singh), in using the to win the state election, Robin’s school-aged niece becomes the scapegoat and is murdered in the process.

The narrative employs this episode as a metaphor to emphasize the idea that, while these men are well-known criminals, they are fundamentally fine men who went astray to compensate for deficiencies in their social standing. The loss of this small girl haunts both Kesar and Durlabh.

Dakssh Ajit Singh plays Durlabh convincingly, straddling the line between good and evil and eliciting sympathy for his predicament.

The film concludes with Kesar and Durlabh’s age-old animosity culminating in their deaths within the jail. Head is the sole survivor of both groups, having lived to old age thanks to a vow he made to Kesar on his death bed.
The soundtrack is haunting and complements the pathos of people being murdered in cold blood, both innocent and criminal.

The picture has a solid direction, and the story promotes the storyline firmly. The screenplay is a tad sloppy in places and lags behind the story’s pace. However, White Punjab is worth seeing for its bravery in depicting a connection that goes deep beneath the respectable clothing of society and in not projecting criminals as black and white, instead humanizing them to allow the truth to surface.

Credit Video and Information : YouTube, Google, IMDb

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