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Aakhri Sach Season 1

Aakhri Sach Season 1:-

Releasing Date:-               25 Aug, 2023,                Hindi,             Web Series,      Thriller

Streaming on:-                  Disney+ Hotstar

Critic’s Rating:-                Aakhri Sach 3.5/5

Avg. Users’ Rating:-        Aakhri Sach  3.8/5

IMDb Rating:-                   Aakhri Sach 5.4/10


Aakhri Sach emerges as a normal police procedural investigative drama, locating its effectiveness in positive segments, generally because of its helping characters. However, the general end result seems underdeveloped, leaving positive tensions unexplored.

Cast & Crew:-

Director:-     Robbie Grewal

Actor:-          Tamannaah Bhatia, Shivin Narang, Kriti Vij, Firdaus Hassan, Abhishek Banerjee, Umar Sharif,

Sanjiv Chopra, Abhishek Banerjee


Story:- Drawn from the tragic Burari incident, this investigative mystery facilities round a police officer who’s known as upon to probe the suspected suicides of eleven own circle of relatives members. The incident entails 3 generations of a own circle of relatives who all perish at the identical fateful night.


The disclaimer at the start states that the collection is a piece of fiction stimulated with the aid of using actual occasions. However, the least the creators ought to have accomplished is to say that it’s far primarily based totally at the tragic Burari incident with innovative liberties taken in the course of its making. The occasions withinside the first episodes, made to be had with the aid of using the platform, do provide an engrossing viewing experience.

Yet, whilst in comparison to latest research thrillers on diverse streaming platforms, it falls short. The collection lacks the depth and urgency that would had been woven in. There changed into ability for tremendous anxiety each withinside the police fraternity and the sufferers own circle of relatives, however the collection slightly scratches the surface.

In the hole mins of the collection, we’re added to Anya (Tamannaah Bhatia), a no-nonsense, devoted cop who apprehends an IIT-knowledgeable graduate for a credit score card scam. Later, she receives a name from her superior, who instructs her to analyze a case in which eleven own circle of relatives participants have dedicated suicide together. What to begin with appears to be a ritualistic mass suicide takes on a greater stressful nature as preliminary investigations unfold. As the collection progresses, visitors are granted insights into the Rajawat own circle of relatives thru flashbacks.

Although the own circle of relatives patriarch is already deceased by the point of the incident, we research that he used to paintings for the police department. A reputedly trivial incident related to his son, Bhuvan, contributed to his demise. Aadesh (Danish Iqbal), Bhuvan (Abhishek Banerjee), Babita, and Kavita are own circle of relatives siblings and the incident takes place per week after Babita’s daughter Anshika (Kriti Vij) receives engaged. Initial findings enhance suspicions approximately Aman (Shivin Narang), Anshika’s fiancé, however there may be greater than meets the eye.

The maximum outstanding distraction withinside the collection is Tamannaah Bhatia herself. She places forth her fine attempt to painting an upright and devoted cop, however her mannerisms appear to paintings in opposition to her. The person itself requires the portrayal of a cop who’s weighed down with the aid of using the enormity of the crime and is deeply entangled in its complexities. However, the emotional vulnerability critical to this function is extraordinarily absent in her overall performance.

Unfortunately, neither the writers nor Tamannaah controlled to convey this issue to the forefront. Think of Shefali Shah in “Delhi Crime,” Sonakshi Sinha in “Dahaad,” or Zoya Hussain in “Grahan.” On the opposite hand, Abhishek Banerjee, as Bhuvan, offers but any other great overall performance full of regret and regret. Thankfully, it is the actors in helping roles who offer a semblance of authenticity to this interesting drama. The law enforcement officials on the station, who usually speak of their personal dialect, along side the locals from Old Delhi and Rajasthan, make certain that the surroundings wherein the tale is about feels authentic and real to life.

“Aakhri Sach” emerges as an average police procedural investigative drama, locating its effectiveness in positive segments, usually because of its helping characters. However, the general end result seems underdeveloped, leaving positive tensions unexplored. The collection attracts from the tragic Burari incident of 2018 as its backdrop, a darkish and ugly occasion that lingers withinside the reminiscences of people who observed the case. Unfortunately, the collection fails to recreate the identical degree of terror and unease amongst its audience.

Without a doubt, “Aakhri Sach” is a chain really well worth watching, as its problematic plot is progressively unveiled, taking into consideration a understandable hold close of the whole storyline. Nonetheless, one cannot assist however desire for a greater excessive and edgier execution.

Credit Video and Information : YouTube, Google, IMDb

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