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Releasing Date:-                19 Oct, 2023                      

Genre:-                                Action, Crime, Thriller

Cinema:-                              Movie (Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada)  

Critic’s Rating:-                 Leo 3.0/5

Avg. Users’ Rating:-         Leo  3.9/5

IMDb Rating:-                     Leo 8.9/10

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Cast & Crew:-

Director:-         Lokesh Kanagaraj

Actor:-               Vijay, Sanjay Dutt, Trisha Krishnan, Arjun Sarja

                               Priya Anand, Mansoor Ali Khan, Anurag Kashyap

Leo Movie Story:-

Parthiban (Vijay), an animal rescuer and coffee shop owner in Himachal Pradesh, becomes a local hero after saving the town from a Hyena attack. An unrelated occurrence in his coffee shop attracts unwarranted attention from the rest of the globe, and hence the media. When brothers Anthony Das (Sanjay Dutt) and Harold Das (Arjun Sarja) hear about Parthiban, they mistake him for the former’s son, Leo Das (Vijay). They land in the small settlement, weapons blazing, to find out if Parthiban is Leo.

Leo Movie Review:-

Parthiban (Vijay) and his wife Sathya (Trisha) and two children live in a snow globe planet. A small crack allows some air into his immaculate environment, resulting in a hurricane that utterly destroys the world. Can Parthiban save his family while also rebuilding the perfect snow globe?

Anthony Das (Sanjay Dutt) and Harold Das (Arjun Sarja) establish a tobacco shop as a cover for their illegal narcotics dealing. Anthony’s son, Leo (Vijay), is a powerful ground worker who assures the smooth movement of drugs from one location to another. A terrifying incident starts a fire in the tobacco factory, killing Leo. After 20 years, the Das brothers discover Parthiban and his striking likeness to Leo. The essence of the story is whether Leo faked his own death to become Parthiban or if they are two separate persons who just happen to look alike.

Despite the presence of an ensemble cast, Leo is a one-man show. Vijay is fantastic in the film as both Parthiban and Leo. He keeps the viewers wondering as to whether he is truly Parthiban or a Leo who has been transformed into Parthiban right up until the conclusion. The sequences are expertly crafted to keep the audience captivated to the screens until the very end. The pre-climax scene is spectacular. The writing is a little erratic, but Vijay’s charisma and performance keep it plausible. He has outdone himself because he gets to be an out-and-out ‘badass’ Leo Das, which is a departure from his relaxed, funny, playful escapades.

He excels as a father, a spouse battling an internal battle but yet peering out the bedroom window to ensure that no danger comes his way.

What Leo lacks in this film is a powerful, towering antagonist. Despite matching Vijay’s intensity, Arjun Sarja’s screen presence is quite restricted.

Lokesh tells us at the start of the film that the tale is inspired by David Cronenberg’s A History Of Violence, preparing the audience for an action-packed violent world. Lokesh’s previous LCU films, Kaithi and Vikram, were strictly action films, with a minor opportunity for family sentiment in Vikram. Lokesh, on the other hand, delves into family sentiments and equations, which disrupts the high-octane action flow. Leo is a Lokesh Kanagaraj film with obvious star service effects. The film develops a visually appealing world of enemies but fails to provide them with a sturdy platform to stand on.

Despite the presence of actors such as Sanjay Dutt and Arjun Sarja, the film lacks a good climactic fight between the protagonist and the adversaries. Anirudh’s music reaches its best in the second half. A mellow song in the first half and the much-anticipated ‘Naa Ready Daan’ in the second half keep the film balanced while also setting the tone. The first half’s action passages required a little more BGM intensity.

Lokesh has taken a well-known and time-honored ‘hero in exile’ story and enriched it with unique action-packed moments. While the plot of the film is obvious after half an hour of entering the theater, Lokesh shines in his “innovative violence and action sequences.” The anticipated Hyena sequence falls flat in the first half, but the bloodthirsty beast returns in the second half for a superb retribution act.

Trisha is more than just a perfect partner, and she is thankfully more than simply arm candy here. Her role receives adequate attention.Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Sarja, Priya Anand, Gautam Vasudev Menon, and Mysskin all do well in their roles, but their efforts are overshadowed by the towering presence of Leo Das alias Vijay.

Though the entire ‘LCU’ section seemed forced, one may claim that Lokesh has the best opportunity for the next franchise with Leo. Lokesh and Vijay’s Leo is more ‘bloody’ than’sweet’. Leo’s roar might not be at its loudest here, but hey! It remains a Lion

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