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Hack Crimes Online Season 1

Hack Crimes Online Season 1:-

Releasing Date:-                10 Nov, 2023                      

Genre:-                                 Thriller, Drama

Cinema:-                              Web Series (Hindi)  

Streaming on:-                  Amazon miniTV

Critic’s Rating:-                 Hack Crimes Online 3.0/5

Avg. Users’ Rating:-         Hack Crimes Online  3.0/5

IMDb Rating:-                     Hack Crimes Online 10.0/10

Cast & Crew:-

Director:-                 Parmeet Sethi

Actor:-                      Leena Sharma, Riddhi Kumar, Lata Sabharwal

                                      Vipul Gupta, Akash Ayyar

Hack Crimes Online Season 1 Web Series Story:-

Set towards the busy heritage of Mumbai, ‘Hack Crimes Online’ transports visitors within the complicated realm of cybercrime. The Cyber Crime Unit, led with the aid of using ACP Ashutosh (Vipul Gupta), works to clear up the maximum hard instances related to on-line crook acts.

Hack Crimes Online Season 1 Web Series Review:-

‘Hack Crimes Online’ is a 9-part series that explores the dual nature of the internet, a tool that offers convenience but also poses potential dangers. The show follows the Cyber Crime Unit’s pursuit of justice, led by ACP Ashutosh, a team of skilled hackers. The show introduces new cases each episode, keeping the audience engaged, but the 25-minute runtime can be a hindrance, resulting in cases being wrapped up hastily and feeling underdeveloped.

Vipul Gupta delivers a convincing performance as ACP Ashutosh, but the character’s arc could have been better crafted. Riddhi Kumar excels in her role as Shakti, while Akash Ayyar and Akhil Khattar provide solid support in solving the complex cases. Despite its shortcomings, ‘Hack Crimes Online’ offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cybercrime and the ongoing battle to maintain the security of our interconnected world.

Credit Video and Information : YouTube, Google, IMDb

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